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3 Ways to Keep Your Security Camera System in Good Working Order

Security Camera System

Security cameras are an excellent way to safeguard your business. They serve to deter crime while also providing comfort to both employees and customers. However, if these units are not properly maintained, they may not provide a clear and uninterrupted image. Here are some simple steps to ensure that your Security Cameras Commercial & Residential are always operational.

How to Maintain Commercial Security Cameras

1. Ensure that the lenses are cleaned on a regular basis.

Dirt and debris can accumulate on camera lenses over time, making the image blurry and ineffective for security purposes. To avoid this, clean the lens every few months. It’s also a good idea to clean the lenses of outdoor Security Cameras Commercial & Residential in Florida right after a storm.

To begin, use a glass or lens cleaner to remove any dirt or debris that has become stuck to the lens. A microfiber cloth is ideal because of its tightly packed fibers, which make it highly absorbent and effective at removing contaminants and preventing streaking. If the camera is made of plastic or metal, clean those surfaces as well.

2. Conduct semi-annual inspections

Perform a thorough inspection at least twice a year to avoid system failures and malfunctions. First, use the controls to move and zoom the camera, making sure that each command is executed smoothly.

Check the connections to indoor and outdoor power supplies to ensure they are secure and not corroded. A professional should address loose or frayed cables as well as housing damage, such as cracks in the polycarbonate that could allow water in or encourage tampering.

3. Make Landscaping a Priority

The areas around your security cameras must be kept in good condition if they are to be effective. Keep an eye out for any shrubs, trees, branches, or vines that could obscure the camera’s view. The growth should be pruned on a regular basis, and the equipment should be inspected for nesting insects or animals. Any critters that have made a home near cameras can be removed to avoid obstructing views and causing damage to the equipment.

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