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3 Common Home Security Mistakes – Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes?

Home Security

A break-in at home can be terrifying, leaving you feeling uneasy and unsafe in your own home. In our line of work, we frequently come across small mistakes that make a person’s home vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

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Here is a list of the most common errors we see on a daily basis.

Mistake #1 – Assuming That Home Alarm Systems Are Enough

Home alarm systems are unquestionably beneficial, but far too many people believe that a nice, loud siren is sufficient to protect their home from intruders. The police will not respond to an alarm unless they have visual confirmation of an intruder present – There are simply too many false alarms for the police to handle. In other words, you rely on others or your ability to check your home whenever the alarm system sounds. Go for aHome Security System as well as burglar alarm systems for an extra level of protection.

Mistake #2: Leaving Windows and Doors Unlocked

We understand how easy it is to forget that a door or window is left unlocked. However, if you leave your doors and windows unlocked, your home is vulnerable to a home invasion. Burglars do observe people and their habits (as unsettling as that may sound), waiting for the right moment to strike. Make it difficult for them.

Mistake #3 – Inadequate lighting and overgrown garden areas

When scanning a suburb, the easier it is for a burglar to conceal their entry into your home, the more likely they are to choose your home to break into. Pay special attention to entry and exit areas, and have garden lights and a well-lit porch area (they can be sensors if you’re concerned about wasting energy or incurring a high energy bill).

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